Japanese Chin breed

The dog of Japanese emperors and the toy dog and the companion dog. That's all it is - Japanese Chin (or Japanese Spaniel).

japanese chin hieroglyph, ієрогліф Японський хін

Mysterious creature that was considered a gift of the gods, and occupied a high position, even among people in country ancient Yamato (大和, the so-called Japan many centuries ago). In Japanese, the word "Inu" - "dog", so called in Japan, all dogs (Akita Inu, Shiba Inu, Tosa Inu), but there Hin - a creature which in any case is not related to canine tribe. The figure shows the character that means "Japanese Chin".

In Japan, these little creatures with alien eyes enjoyed boundless adoration and were considered sacred messengers of the gods. Only members of the imperial family and aristocrats could be owners of that precious dog.Japanese Chin - Toy Dog

Japanese Chin - Toy Dog

Japanese Chin are breed in the imperial temple or kennels. Noble ladies wore the smallest chins in bamboo cages in wide kimono sleeves, as  decorated exotic outfits.

Sometimes sacred dogs gave as reward to outstanding service to the emperor. Only in the mid-nineteenth century the Japanese chin dogs to were in Europe. Until now, foreigners in Japan is extremely difficult to buy Japanese chin.


In the classification of the International Kennel Federation (FCI) Japanese chin referred to the 9 breeder group entitled "Companions and toys". Japanese Chin can be easily counted in both categories.

Japanese Chin - Companion DogJapanese Chin - Companion Dog.
Small size, like a cat, dog neat and odorless - great looks in an interior room. Non-contentious and quite hardy, it is perfectly companion in a walk or a long journey. If necessary, it can be easily carried in a container.



More about chin's eyes. Article.

Article "Japanese chin's puppies from born to 1 year". Google translate from ukrainian on english.


FCI Standard of Japanese chin breed (N° 206 / 02.09.2009 / GB)


FCI-Standard N° 206 / 02.09.2009 / GB




ORIGIN : Japan.


UTILIZATION :Companion dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :            Group     9          Companion and Toy


                                             Section8     Japan Chin and


                                             Without working trial.

Read more: FCI Standard of Japanese chin breed (N° 206 / 02.09.2009 / GB)

Japanese Chin Club UK breed standard

 There is a breed standard of Japanese chin of Japanese Chin Club UK.

Start of kennel

We did not plan starting kennel. We just wanted a quality dog for our daughter first of all. Between the male and female we chose the female. We needed a companion dog. We did not plan neuter our dog.  We wanted our bitch gave birth and we wanted our daughter to see this and participate.
The one who seeks, finds. We found our chin girl in Mivaku kennel. Show class! We got her with a commitment not to withdraw from breeding.
It's need for breeding to take part in dog-show and to get the required assessment.

In 2010 we grew to an adult class finally. We decided to go to Dnipro to take part in two dog-shows.
So we prepared for dog shows as we could, no fanatism involved. All we needed was to score ‘excellent’.

P1420109 w
The shows promise to be interesting: The First Ukrainian Japanese Chin breed championship and the Dnipro Autumn rank CAC-UA.

chin champ 1 2010 a4 aw

experty P1430115 w
Looking back - pure adventure. But newcomers have luck.
Perhaps the stars were formed well in that day. Our Iva Mivaku got CAC-UA and Best Bitch in both shows! And on the breed championship she got BISS-3.

P1430198 w

P1430203 w

P1430205 w

P1430221 w

P1430311 w
Japanese Chins were judged by Irina Azen and Elena Agafonova.
I still remember the words of Irina Azen "Look, what a bitch! Look, what a bitch! You can start a kennel with that bitch!"

Since than Iva was a companion dog for us, a ‘guardian’-dog, a dog to be loved a big deal. Than we had mating, birth-giving and puppies.

11100200 imgd w

DSC 0240 w

DSC 0328 w

IMG 20141003 093118 w

P1370099 mukacheve w

P1370687 iva mykola w

And then the Stepovyj Viter kennel arose.

By now the puppies of Iva Mivaku have won a bunch of titles, there’s been a lot of dog-shows. Iva Mivaku has grandchildren and great-grandchildren already. Our Iva has a rest. Our Iva is veteran now. Other bitches give birth to puppies in our kennel now.

Recently we decided to let Iva take part in a dog-show once more. To refresh the feeling, to confirm the class and to have some fun.
And Iva did not let us down.
Two dog show’s results: BOB, Best veteran, and again BISS-3, this time among the veterans.

Iva BOB gow

Iva BOB sitdown

iva 0098 ws

Looking back, we are grateful to all the judges who judged our dogs, to all our friends with whom we studied. Special thanks to Linih Olga and Iryna Azen because they pushed us up to create a kennel.

SV 2017 w

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