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Our kennel is registered in the Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) and in the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) at number 233/12.

Breeds of dog

Only Japanese Chin dogs are in our kennel now.

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Our achievements

Dogs from our kennel become champions of Ukraine and other countries. Repeatedly obtained title of the Candidate to National Champion and the Candidate to International Champion (CAC and CACIB).

In particular:

  • 2010 - Champion of Ukraine (female)
  • 2014 - Junior Champion of Ukraine (male)
  • 2015 - Champion of Ukraine (male)
  • 2015 - Champion of Central and East Europe (male)
  • 2015 - Junior Champion of Ukraine (female)
  • 2015 - Best of the breed in Ukraine (male)
  • 2015 - Champion, Grand Champion, Super Grand Champion of Moldova (male)
  • 2016 - Junior Champion of Ukraine (female)
  • 2016 - Junior Champion, Champion, Junior Grand Champion of Moldova (female)
  • 2016 - Champion, Grand Champion, Super Grand Champion of Moldova (male)
  • 2016 - 4 x Ukrainian Champion (male)
  • 2016 - Best of the Best of Breed in Ukraine (male)
  • 2016 - Best of Breed Representative of Moldova (male)
  • 2016 - UKU Champion (male)
  • 2017 - Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine (female)
  • 2017 - Champion Romania (female)
  • 2017 - Grand Champion of Ukraine (female)
  • 2018 - International Beauty Champion (male)
  • 2018 - Super Grand Champion of Ukraine (female)
  • 2018 - Best of the Best of Breed in Ukraine (female

Achievments of our puppies

Thanks to all people who took to their families puppies from our kennel and gives them love and care. We are wish you good luck always. We wish that our puppies will be giving you their love and beauty.

Breading principles

(Our dogs matches current FCI standard) Our dogs are to the applicable FCI standard. But breed standard time to time changes because of objective and subjective reasons. The applicable official standard of the breed changes faster then our conception of the Japanese Chin breed. That is why in our kennel work we take for ourself additional restrictions.

We are trying for our Chins:

  • avoid sable color gene;
  • save light movements with high lifting paws - this is one of the signs that differ Chins and Pekingeses;
  • save characteristic sight of the Japanese Chins - "Moderately large, dark, set far apart. Size should be in proportion to size of skull. Small amount of white shows in the inner corners, giving characteristic look of astonishment. Eyes should be forward facing, not set on side of head."


Де  живуть наші вихованці?

Where are our alumni - puppies?


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