Golubovci, Montenegro

Stepovyj Viter Solomia took part in 2 Dog Shows:
02/09/2019 CACIB-FCI,
03/09/2019 CACIB-FCI.
She got 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB.
In result, Solomia has won the titles Champion of Montenegro and Grand Champion of Montenegro!

Solomia, Macedonia

Ohrid, Macedonia
Stepovyj Viter Solomia took part in 3 Dog Shows:
29/08/2019 CACIB-FCI,
30/08/2019 CACIB-FCI,
31/08/2019 CACIB-FCI.
She got 3xCAC, 3xCACIB, 3xBOB.
In result, Solomia has stood Champion of the Republic of Macedonia in Beauty!
Thanks to our trainer Mari and judges for work.


New titles

We got a new titles

STEPOVYJ VITER TAKUMI - International Beauty Champion

SIDZYU VISHENKA - International Beauty Champion

K litter

The puppies names choised !

(Puppies was born 11.06.2018)
The first named Katsuro. KATSURO (勝郎): From Japanese 勝 (katsu) meaning "victory" and 郎 (rou) meaning "son".
The second named Kiyoshi. KIYOSHI (淳): Japanese name meaning “pure.”

The puppies was born

The puppies was born in our kennel in 11.06.2018

Read more here.

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