On September 16, 2020, in our kennel was born three puppies.

b/r male

b/w male

b/r female

litter 2020-09-16

Important information to breeders.

Both their parents have a Classic STR DNA-profile (ISAG 2006) from a Laboklin laboratory. The puppy owners will be able to confirm origin by contacting the laboratory.

GM2-Gangliosidosis - PCR Laboklin test.
Result: Genotype N/N
Interpretation: The examined animal is homozygous for the wildtype-allele. It does not carry the causative mutation for GM2 in the HEXA-gene.

Both their parents have an FCI certificate a KNEE JOINTS CLINICAL EVALUATION CERTIFICATE.
Result: Both knee joints of the do a normal. It means they have no Patella luxation.

Рarents of puppies

Father - Stepovyj Viter Akihito is a smart and

energetic companion

Mother - Stepovyj Viter Solomia is a true

gentle bell

katsuro solomia


Grandparents of Puppies

Takumi + Ade Tomio + Vishenka
Takumi + Ade Tomio + Vishenka