IVA MIVAKU (STEPOVYJ VITER) та BASILEOS DE IMPERIUM AURI (Игривый Лучик)30.04.2013 dated a couple BASILEOS DE IMPERIUM AURI and IVA MIVAKU had three white and black puppies with a з very interesting genealogy. More then fourth part - the Japanese line, in addition, the lineage are English and Russian lines. All puppies - boys.

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 Names (nicknames)

FromKennel clubagreedthe letter  "T".
Puppies, in order of birth, were thesenames.

          1. TAKUMI
          2. TOMIO
          3. TOSHIO

The Meaning of Names

TAKUMIfor that nameon the Internetare3 variantsexplanation andall three variantsare indicated bydifferenthieroglyphs: O.In fact,we have threedifferent names,choosethe first variant , meaning  “adroit”. (AlmostAndroid ;))

Two other variants:  2-匠 "artisan" , 3-工  "skillful".

TOMIO (): "treasured man".

TOSHIO (俊夫 ): "agile, man", "agile, hero".

Temperament at 4 month old

By the nature of the average between Tomіo and Toshіo. Curious, barks when necessary, not as loud and often as Tomіo. Faced with a one-on-odik big cat who came into his territory - barked bravely trying to keep out, despite the fact that the very shaking and the cat was the size of more than Takumi. Pulled service in spite of fear. The first leg began to turn up at the trees. Trying to "talk" to us.
Energetic, will find and notice that others have not noticed.
Bell, with the unexpected change of the situation - begins to bark loudly. Trying to bark at dogs running through.
The largest of the litter. Affectionate, even-tempered. Fastest inspects unfamiliar terrain. On surprises responds quietly, quietly watching to clarify the situation. Rarely barks. Can defence yourself.