The dog of Japanese emperors and the toy dog and the companion dog. That's all it is - Japanese Chin (or Japanese Spaniel).

japanese chin hieroglyph, ієрогліф Японський хін

Mysterious creature that was considered a gift of the gods, and occupied a high position, even among people in country ancient Yamato (大和, the so-called Japan many centuries ago). In Japanese, the word "Inu" - "dog", so called in Japan, all dogs (Akita Inu, Shiba Inu, Tosa Inu), but there Hin - a creature which in any case is not related to canine tribe. The figure shows the character that means "Japanese Chin".

In Japan, these little creatures with alien eyes enjoyed boundless adoration and were considered sacred messengers of the gods. Only members of the imperial family and aristocrats could be owners of that precious dog.Japanese Chin - Toy Dog

Japanese Chin - Toy Dog

Japanese Chin are breed in the imperial temple or kennels. Noble ladies wore the smallest chins in bamboo cages in wide kimono sleeves, as  decorated exotic outfits.

Sometimes sacred dogs gave as reward to outstanding service to the emperor. Only in the mid-nineteenth century the Japanese chin dogs to were in Europe. Until now, foreigners in Japan is extremely difficult to buy Japanese chin.

In the classification of the International Kennel Federation (FCI) Japanese chin referred to the 9 breeder group entitled "Companions and toys". Japanese Chin can be easily counted in both categories.

Japanese Chin - Companion DogJapanese Chin - Companion Dog.
Small size, like a cat, dog neat and odorless - great looks in an interior room. Non-contentious and quite hardy, it is perfectly companion in a walk or a long journey. If necessary, it can be easily carried in a container.

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